Humbled. That’s the first thing worth getting off my chest. Of all the places online you could be, you’re here. I feel humility with that. Thank you.

You’ve probably seen the blog title and tagline. Ivan Siladji, that’s me. It’s my hope too you will get to know the rest of us here, our tribe. They’re a great bunch from different walks of life – mostly parents because our similarities tend to gravitate but we all have a few things in common —

In our own way we feel a sense of obligation to contribute, to give back to others, with our attention and time. It comes from a selfless trait I envision we all have.

Curiosity. That’s the next big one. Each of my blog posts is designed to tell you a story, tugging at the curiosity within you. I envision it’s in the first few lines of a post that something resonated with you and you were intrigued. Hopefully through the style of writing deployed each line will have you needing and wanting more, allowing you to experience a little transformation, leaving you feeling different at the last line than you did at the first.

You’re a discoverer. An explorer. Not necessarily through travel, but through self-awareness. Like me, you’re an introvert, so sitting where you are in the comfort of your own space you’re able to enjoy the content I create for you knowing that the only agenda I have is making you feel apart of a tribe without judgement, obligation or pressure. This blog is for you, each post crafted to take you on a journey with a gem or two nestled in the odd paragraph.

At the end of a post it is my hope you will feel connected. Just as much to yourself as to my content. I envision you looking up after the 2, 3 or 4 minute reads, sighing a breath of fresh air. Even in the posts that are sombre, because each one aims to shed some light.

I’m Ivan Siladji and I’m honoured to meet you. A 30-odd, dad of 3. Scientist by day, writer, story-teller, and podcaster by night. DC Comics fan who is jealous of Superman. I’m a writer through the lens of a parent and self-proclaimed nerd.

Creating this blog was both selfish and selfless. I’m honest in saying it selfishly serves as a platform to distribute my content to the world. Equally though, I know that for every step I take forward I need to take you a step forward too.

The only thing left to do is invite you to leave a comment below. I’d love your feedback or just seeing you say hi.


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