I consider myself someone of very little regret and I generally hold the belief that whatever happens in life, does so because it’s meant to be.

It doesn’t stop me from reminscing though and wondering what life would be like if I changed a few of the key decisions I made when I was younger.

A part from my wife and two wonderful kids, there are things that I do entertain the thoughts around should a time machine happen to find its way into my posession.

If my decisions shed light on a few of the opportunities available to the younger generations to come, then maybe it’s worth playing the game of wishful thinking.

Although I wouldn’t do all of these things, it’s interesting to think about what life would be like even if I acted on atleast one of these.

There is a world of opportunity out there and it’s worth exploring.

Let’s play, shall we?

  • I would have enjoyed school for the social aspects more, placing a little less significance on the academic outcomes. I would have spent more time out with friends and less time in the books.
  • Skipped a class or two, not to make trouble, but for something honourable and worthy.
  • Saved as much pocket money as I could from a kid through my teenage years and put it to travel before I turned 20.
  • Finished year 12, but passed on University. Following high school I would have liked to have travelled a little, met amazing people and started a business earlier instead.
  • Learned to become exclusively reliant on self generated income. Building a successful financial career is beneficial, but a reliance on someone else pulling the strings holds its risks. And the gap to close that is now much larger.
  • Spoken up more about what I wanted in life and lived to my own expectations without wondering how my self image would be perceived or accepted by others.
  • Made alot more friends.
  • Left home at 18 and lived completely alone.
  • Ran, daily, every week, all year round, so it was a habit to this day.
  • Picked up a video camera and collected polaroids.
  • Journaled daily.
  • Chosen a more creative career where I can make things, different things.
  • Been more vulnerable at times, and shown the more true side of myself but still just as resilient.
  • Made healthy eating a habit.
  • Packed a car and travelled around Australia for a few weeks.
  • Said NO more.
  • Said YES more.
  • Knitted more with my grandmother and drank coffee more with my grandfather.
  • Moved to another country and experienced more of the world and culture.

I’m sure some of these are not too late to start?

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