A straight title for a straight post. I try and build alot of my content around my personality so for those of you that would be interested in this type of update and personal post, feel free to enjoy it and reach out if anything is of interest or you’d like to know more about. For those that like the regular stories and content, feel free to skim over this one.

The last few weeks with work have been some of the most challenging, but have stretched me as a person, that’s for sure. I’ve learned alot about leadership, business and trust and have grown for that.

I’m really humbled to have connected with a bunch of really cool peeps across the interwebs of late. A few with quite similar interests and those that have shown me a little vulnerability can go a long way. I never would have thought that interacting with people from all over the world, through 1s and 0s (binary code, lol) could be as rewarding as it is. I recently tweeted out one of my items that lives on my bucket list, it went a little something like this…

Hopefully that tweet alone shows you where my heart is. There are so many of you that support my content in your own unique ways, and it means alot. I try not to live in the numbers of social media and stats, but everytime a like or comment notification comes up from one of the regulars, it really means alot. So thank you.

It’s officially winter here in Australia now – finally. I’d put a plaque up if I could that declared the last summer and autumn as the most dragged out seasons of my life. I hope winter is painfully cold and equally long. No exaggeration.

We recently travelled to Canberra, ACT and took the kids to the science centre “Questacon” which was hella fun. Soon we are off to stay in a cabin in the bush with some family which I am very much looking forward to. And needing of that fresh air.

A few of my favourite things right now;

  • Man of Steel – 2018 comic book series (Newest release by Brian Michael Bendis. I’m up to book #3.)
  • Matcha Green Tea Latte
  • A brand of coffee I’m enjoying called Grinders
  • Twitter – dangerously addicted
  • Hans Zimmer tracks
  • My Røde podcasting microphones (yes, more on that coming soon, an ACTUAL, regular, professional and properly planned show, with a co-host!)
  • Tic-Tacs – in bulk
  • Driving in my new car, it feels nice and smells good
  • Norsca antiperspirant deodorant, forest fresh
  • A new khaki hooded jacket I got for a recent trip to Canberra, ACT
  • My NASA inspired and branded coffee mug
  • Alexa Echo Dot, replaced my Google home minis.
  • The TV series’ Krypton and Supergirl. I’ve finished all of season 1 of Krypton and all 3 seasons of Supergirl. I have nothing to watch, and can’t get The Flash on Foxtel. 😒😓
  • And something my wife has… But that’s for another post. Stay tuned. 🎁

If you want to see most of these and how they fit into my life, head on over to my instagram.

What’s some of your favourite things right now? Leave a comment or reach me on twitter.


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