I’m a sucker for reading or watching stories that talk about the nuances within someone’s life. I’m fascinated by the details between the details, the untold stories, the random facts that really make someone stand out from the next.

I haven’t done a challenge like this as yet, at least I’m not sure I have. I first read some responses to the challenge from a fellow blogger Fiona and was intrigued by the details to the questions presented. She suggested I give it a go, so here we are. Enjoy.

Question 1: Shower in the morning or evening?

Evening. I never go to sleep without one. Ever. The thought of going to sleep at night without a shower makes my skin itch. I often have an extra one in the morning too. A shower washes my day away and is the 20 minutes I have alone each day in peace to re-calibrate.

Question 2: City centre or close to nature?

Smack in the middle. I need the hustle and bustle of city life and “the edge” it provides to keep me stimulated and connected to progress. But on the flip, a quick drive or walk to nature is where the heart is. I yearn the bushland and I am drawn to a good camping trip. I need trees around me. If there is such thing as reincarnation then I ask the Gods to bring me back as a tree.

Question 3: Bright colours or neutrals?

Neutrals. In fact on the spectrum of white being all colour and black being the absence thereof, grey is my favourite. 90% of my wardrobe is greys and its tones.

Question 4: Spring or Autumn?

Both. But only because they are the bookstands of winter. Winter is where the feels are. Spring is exciting because new seasons are coming forth, but autumn means I’m nearing closer to the cold and the cold is where I like to be. But for the challenge and playing like a good sport, if I had to pick one… it would be spring.

Question 5: Mint or cinnamon?

Mmm, that’s a tough one. Probably mint, it’s more versatile. I could go a Tic-Tac, a chocolate mint or even cucumber and mint water. Yep, I’ll say mint.

Question 6: Planned or spontaneous?

Another hard one. Probably planned so I can control my environment and pick the people I’m with. I’m very introverted so spontaneity leaves too much to question. If it’s with the person I’m most closest with though, my wife, I’d say spontaneous.

Question 7: A movie at home or at the cinema?

At one point in my life I would have said ‘at home’ but these days, with two kids and no free time, I’ll have to pick the cinema. I rarely get to go anymore and when I do I really enjoy it.

Question 8: Espresso or latte?

Latte. One sugar. Straight espresso is too machined for me. It tastes almost metallic.

Question 9: Hugs or kisses?

Kiss. Then it’s reserved only for the close ones. Hugging gets in my space. Unless it’s family. I’ll hug them. But the “Hey I’m [name]” and lean in for a hug type… Ah, no thanks.

Question 10: Spicy or mild food?

Mild. As such I can then eat everything.

Question 11: Leather or lace?

An odd question, for a dude. But leather. Obviously.

Question 12: Overdressed or underdressed?

Underdressed. A grey hoodie, sweat pants and a clean pair of white kicks. I’m set.

Question 13: Adventure or comfort?

I want to say adventure but just cause it’s exciting. I’d be lying though so I’ll go comfort, while embracing question 12.

Question 14: TV series or movie?

Answering these are making me realise I’m changing as I move into my 30s. I’ll still go with a movie. Particularly if it’s a good true story, something no one really knows about, like a random but worthy untold true story. Second to that I’ll binge watch episodes of Supergirl, Superman and Krypton any day.

Question 15: Rock or country music?

I’ll go Rock. Country music has always felt very foreign to me. Although some of it sounds catchy. There was this one song I really liked once though called “Follow Me” by Uncle Kracker. That was bloody great.

Question 16: Red or white wine?

Red. Sweet. Aged. Like a good Port.

Question 17: Working alone or in a team?

I’d rather do things alone. Then it’s my way. And I’m fully accountable. But I value the importance of a team and different skills. For the greater good I’ll say team, selflessly. Even though I want to say myself 🤣.

Question 18: Swimming or sunbathing?

Swimming. I enjoy swimming and should do it more often. I’ve always wanted to join an aquatic centre and swim daily.

Question 19: Fast food or sit-down restaurant?

Sit down restaurant. I really enjoy the immersive experience of dining in and being served.

Question 20: Matched or mismatched socks?

For the love of God and all of mankind, what type of question is this? FML. As if someone would even pick mismatched! Obviously matched! My obsessive side is going wild right now.

Question 21: Dancing or singing?

If you heard me sing, shit, if I heard me sing, I’d walk out. I wish I could sing. I wish I could dance. But I can certainly dance better than I can sing. Dancing. Yep, lock it in Eddie.

Question 22: Phone or the internet?

Another rediculous question 🤣. The Internet. Obviously. I’m fortunate to have been around when the world wide web was invented. RIP 28.8 kbps dial up. You were good to me.


Well that was fun. I enjoyed this post. Hope you did too! Leave me a comment if you agree or disagree with anything here. I’d be interested to hear your responses. If you’re up to it, take the challenge and tag me on Twitter so I can go and take a read.


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