How does laser eye surgery work?

What’s involved in photocoagulation?

What is a torn retina?

What is a detached retina (retina detachment)?

These are all too common questions I have come to learn people of all ages may need answers too.

Recently I visited my optometrist for a self prescribed eye exam. I had been noticing floaters in my eyes, almost as though a small blur or speckle had been obstructing my vision (see below for example of what I see). It’s rather faint, but when looking at a white computer screen I tend to notice it more. My initial thoughts were a torn retina or detached retina.

My suspicions were correct.

Visiting my optometrist they dilated my eyes using some eye drops, a mostly painless experience, only a slight sting for a second but nothing too uncomfortable. My optometrist spent a good deal of time with a magnifier looking around through my pupil confirming what I had thought. I had a small tear in my left eye which needed a somewhat urgent inspection by an Ophthalmologist (retinal specialist).

Eye Floaters – This is what they commonly look like in my field of vision.
detached retina
A Detached Retina – I’m told this is what a detached retina can look like in your field of vision. If this happens you must seek urgent medical attention.

Ophthalmologists have some sophisticated equipment with higher magnification so to my surprise they were able to observe a few more tears in multiple parts of my retina and in both eyes and suggested I partake in some photocoagulation to basically “weld” the retinal tissue to the back wall of the eye again. This initial treatment partly corrected the issue. I was referred to yet another Ophthalmologist (this time a retinal surgeon) who had a more accurate laser for additional treatment. The video below documents that process.

Since then I have had one more final treatment of laser. I didn’t realize how many people this actually affected, regardless of age. I have since connected with a number of people going through the same issue so I hope this video is a little informative to those whom have been through or are going through this at the moment.

Check out the video below for a detailed run through of before and after my treatment.

Leave me a comment below if you have had this or are going through it at the moment or reach out to me on twitter. Also, I’d love for you to subscribe to my YouTube channel after watching the video :)

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