While moving houses over the years one of the first things I’ve always looked forward to doing was setting up my new home office, before anything else. The home office has always been a place of retreat, somewhere to re-calibrate myself in, knuckle down on work and has often been the set for my YouTube videos or podcasts.

Recently we bought/built of first house but this time around the home office took a back burner approach and didn’t get setup right away and since then I had felt a little out of place. There are some big plans for a home office/studio setup, but that will take some time (probably 24 months till I get it how I really want it. In the mean time I managed to get around to completing what I have gladly called the Office Makeover 1.0. Kind of sets me up for a new video when I upgrade again. Also gives me an excuse to do so, so there’s that hidden agenda :)

Am I the only one that really obsesses over the home office? What’s your experience?

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