Much of my memories are fond because they contain fragments of those who stood before me. That loved me. That I loved. That are no longer here.

For me, my childhood was filled with more stories of adventure than I can completely remember. I came from humble beginnings; no family wealth, parents and their parents that worked hard. A small school. An imagination. For me, growing up was pretty much like most kids. I made tree houses, rode bikes, played Lego. All that jazz. So what’s different then and why read read my tales?

It’s all about the story.

A large portion of the time spent reminsing of years gone by are on my grandmother and grandfather that dedicated so much of their later years to selflessly looking after me, my sisters and my cousins.

Summer. Green grass. No school. Christmas holidays spent running in a backyard that at the time seemed extraordinarily large yet looking back on photos today I still wonder how every day felt like we were exploring the entire planet.

Memeories bring joy because they include the treat of getting fifty cents of loose change before running up the hill to the corner store. Arriving at the store was almost met with the realisation that you didn’t have enough money to buy the three packs of candy you wanted but it didn’t matter because the guy at the shop would always say “don’t worry, next time you can pay”.

All these memories remain as such, slowly fading in clarity only until something triggers a spark to bring them back. Then there is the ability of taking yourself back, physically to the place where it all began. Doing so not only brings light to the past, it also allows the emotions to surface that accompany them. For some this is difficult. For others it is closure.

A sunny but windy Sunday afternoon inspired me to take a detour while driving the long road home. Turning left, up the hill, past the house, left and down the street, feeling closer to the place where many a days were spent, a final left turn and a place to park the car.

Then the memories came flooding back… Join me by pressing play —

2 thoughts on “A Trip Down Memory Lane: Going Back To Where I grew Up

  1. This is a lovely post and video Ivan, it’s so nice to revisit old (good) memories and I love it when one small thing that happens nowadays can take you back to something you remember doing many years ago. Great video and I love the effects on it too πŸ™‚ it sounds like you and your mates got up to mischief sometimes! πŸ˜‚

    1. 😁😁😁 it was definately nice. We did indeed get up to a little trouble but nothing I look back on in regret, all fun kid stuff. I know you’d appreciate reflecting.. it’s really nice to write about. Thanks Fiona.

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