I accomplished some goals already after completing day one of this course. I’ve connected with a small handful of new people here within the WordPress community and some are quite similar to me which makes it even more assuring. Also, Ive learned how some people in the WordPress community have come to interact between each other which has helped their growth alot. So far so good here at the Blogging University course.

The next part of the course has been to focus on conducting an audit of my brand. I’ve felt the need for this for a while. Looking over my blog, and across all of my social media for that matter, if I’m honest, it’s lacked solid and consistent branding.

I’ve spent a couple of days looking over my about page (amoung others) some colour pallets and brand ideas that I’d like to create and deploy across the brand. I’ve started looking to bring someone on to assist with this and have put out some feelers for a creative who is good at this type of work. Watch this space. Of course, if you think that maybe you, or someone you know, I’d love to hear from you.

If you or anyone here knows of someone who is really good at branding stuff, you know, designing YouTube covers, twitter covers, logos, colour pallets, video intros, podcast intros etc. that’s literally starting out their portfolio, I’d love to reach out. Looking to get some help. With full transparency – I can only offer exposure vs. pay right now as I too am trying to hustle from small. On the flip side though all the works will be great for a newbie in a portfolio plus I’ll put you’re details all over my socials and linked here in the blog so when stuff eventually blows up down the track we will have been working together for years and you got the exposure from day one. I guess it’s like a mini internship in that respect. I’m loyal like that so hopefully that gets conveyed here. A humble request for someone with faith from the community could go along way for both of us. Whatever I can in turn help with for you, you got me for that.

That’s it, that’s my pitch :)

If it sounds like you, or someone you know, send an email to ivansiladji@gmail.com :)

Well, off to day three of the course.


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