I first started blogging here in 2014, it was March. I had this vision of writing about my journey (whatever that was) at the time.

Things, however, have kind of changed as far as what my niche is. I didn’t delete all my old posts even though they now offer very little traffic. I figure they are part of the story to what got me here today and even though I’m now embarking on a rebrand of sorts, that part of my writing career, if you can call it that, well, it has memories.

Today I begin, still as a student, WordPress.com Blogging University. I picked the Branding & Growth course because that’s the part I struggle with the most… Growth. The technical side of it all I’m ok with for the most part.

So, for context, I’m sitting here on a Sunday evening, not long finished a cup of plunger coffee, medium-dark roast with one sugar and milk, nearing midnight, and I’m having hopes over the next two weeks of connecting with like-minded people in the same boat as me. I would also be humbled to have a few new people following my journey as a writer here should my goals and interests resonate with you.

So, without further ado, here we go.

The course began with the following questions, to which I answered as best as I could;

Q. Why do I blog?

A. I enjoy writing. I like creating emotion, atmosphere and telling a story through my written word. I like sharing my views through my own unique voice and writing style. I like creating a community and interacting with that community. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to be famous one day, so there’s that too :)

Q. If my blog exceeded my wildest dreams, what would that look like?

A. I’d love a significant and loyal readership that visits daily. If I had a thousand readers a day, if I had to pick a number, even though a number at that size seems irrelavant, it would be profound. The thought of having a thousand readers each day is mind blowing. I foresee realistically posting twice a week but if I was free to write each day, if supported by it financially and I had that level of sustainable creativity, that would be exciting (although challenging, which I’m ok with). I envision my blog would provide a piece of my brand to those in my community that appreciate the written word while others whom prefer video and/or audio could explore my other platforms too.

Now, I was asked to translate that vision into three specific goals, with dates and numbers-

  1. Attract a readership of a thousand visitors a month by the end of the year, i.e., by December 2018.
  2. Publish one post a day with two featured posts a week based on a regular theme (that regular bi-weekly featured theme is to be announced).
  3. Dedicate an hour each week as part of my engagement stratergy to visit my followers’ blogs and socials and engage with them too.

And there you have it. Day 1 down. We are told to tag it with #bloggingbranding too so I’ll make sure I do that :)

Best of luck to anyone joining this course. I would love to connect. Leave me a comment below so I can check your first day out too and also if you like you can follow me on twitter, I spend a tonne of time there. I also have a YouTube channel if you’re into that. See you tomorrow :)

Ivan, pronounced eee-varn :)

5 thoughts on “WordPress.com Blogging University: Branding and Growth, Day One: Set Three Goals

    1. Hi Karen! Your comment just made me review them again. Thank you. I realised I had put 1000 a day by the end of the year. I realistically meant a per month. Which is a big stretch. Slowly still building up to that. I’ve only ever down 1000 visitor in a single month once. I’m learning lately though small steps, long term, a handful of good loyal readers a day amounts to a great result long term. I also really invest in the small community too, serving the reader first. I’ve also started a more advanced course since then by Darren Rowse from ProBlogger. 30 Days to Build a Better Blog. Recommended, especially his podcast called ProBlogger. How are you going with blogging? Been at it for long?

      1. Thanks for the tips. I’m in my first year of blogging, but I’m trying to establish a brand via my blog to promote my poetry, having recently published a book. I have a good band of readers too, this community is the best!

      2. That’s fantastic!!! I can probably learn alot from you too, I’m trying to do the same… Just the opposite way around, I’m hoping to write a book. The community sure is wonderful. It all comes down to the tribe :)

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