There is this lingering feeling somewhere between my brain and my chest that wants me to put all the cards on the table and just go all in. If you’ve followed my work for a while you’d know my content is a little up and down as far as consistency is concerned. Don’t worry, this ain’t no stupid commitment post. I’m done with that shit.

Besides martial arts training, this content creation stuff is probably the longest (albeit sporadic) race I’ve ever really stuck to for a decent wod of time (i.e., reasonable sized duration for those that don’t know what ‘wod’ meant in that context). For as long as I’ve created online I’ve envisioned doing it full time but as equally as long I’ve held back and all this time I’ve never really sat down to work out why.

Until now.

I wasn’t actually planning on sharing this. Infact, I’ve never really shared too much publicly from my journal. I opened up and revealed some pages to a best friend/family member recently and decided I should continue sharing, atleast this particular entry. I figured I’m surely not the only one who has fears about putting themselves on the line, online.

It’s a longer video compared to most I’ve released but it’s worth watching if you think you might be a little like me and holding yourself back. I aim to share my story of what I fear the most as well as engage in some alternatives I could replace some of my fears with instead.

Feel free to reach out if any of my story resonates with you. And if you found value in my story I’d love to have you subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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