I don’t know this guy. Not personally. I’ve never really watched any of his content either. But there must have been something there for him to have over 16 million YouTube subscribers. And dedicated ones at that I might add.

I’m also a tough nut to crack with little tolerance for stupidity, mistakes (when opportunity presented to consciously avoid them) and hippocracy. I’m usually one to support punishment for those mistakes that hurt others and I’d even go so far as to say I’ve been told my approach to teaching a lesson can be harsh. In light of this, my views in this article may in fact go against what I would usually feel towards the whole Logan Paul matter.

At the time of his distasteful and, yes, offensive vlog episode (now removed by Loagn from YouTube), I released a podcast episode giving my thoughts. The underlying message I think had some relevance at the time, and probably still does. You can listen here…


As you may very well know, Logan received a tonne of backlash for his Suicide Forest YouTube video. He has since been removed from the YouTube Partner Program and his YouTube Red feature has been pulled for the next season. Minor punishment considering the generalised global push was to have him banned from the YouTube platform altogether.

Since the ‘event’, he has released an apology statement, an apology video on his twitter feed and a formal YouTube suicide awareness video which one would be forgiven for not thinking it looks very “PR”. What cannot be mistaken is the fact that he has done all of these follow up actions as a 22 year old young man in the face of literally thousands upon thousands of hate comments and backlash videos against his original actions. Now, I’m not saying what he did isn’t wrong, hopefully you’ve caught onto that by now, but what I am saying is that a lot of hatred is floating around at the moment and people need to consider deploying some forgiveness at some point, if not for him; then for yourself.

Today, as part of my daily routine, I opened twitter while eating breakfast upon which I start to go through my ‘moments’ tab to see the following…

Now, unless this guy has a strong track record of lying to his fans and the online community over the last few years, I tend to believe his genuinity here and think he deserves a shot at following through on his proposed actions. He says he wants to make a change in himself and he should be given that opportunity. On a macro level, we gotta understand this guy is 22 years old and in the face of world hate he still stands up with courage, admits his wrong doing and makes a personal stand that he will be changing, that alone takes a tonne of courage.

Suicide is a serious thing that deserves all the positive attention it can get so we loose less-to-none of the people around us. I’d doubt if his follow up video didn’t at least help one person change their mind, particularly after hearing Kevin Hines story. Kevin is on a very determined mission to help people deal with suicide and there is no questioning the fact that with Logan’s YouTube reach of over 16 million, the odds of one person needing to see this resource is high.

I think at the end of the day, as cliche as it may sound, people do make mistakes. Some more serious than others. Some more easy to forgive, others not so much. Some mistakes warrant severe punishment while others not so. In the case of Logan Paul, albeit only being a few short weeks ago, I think he has clearly shown his intent to do good out of his mistake. He has shown courage coming forward in honour of his mistake and it is with hope that the families of suicide victims find peace. I too hope that Logan keeps his word and continues to try and do good from his mistakes and continues to turn it in to an opportunity to help more people in need. Let us maybe save our opinions for what he does now over what he has done.

For help you can reach out to the following;


Lifeline Australia

13 11 14

24 hrs x 7 days a week


Suicide Prevention Lifeline




Image credit – linked via Business Insider.

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