I can’t help but feel that I seem to take a break form writing on my blog for a while and then have to do a comeback post. So let’s pretend this isn’t another one of those.

Truth is I miss writing. And I miss being on my blog.

A lot has happened since I last wrote. A lot!

  • We moved house. We bought a new home that was being built. In fact, we bought our first home. We are now in a new estate with new adjustments to make. But it’s nice. I’m thinking of doing a separate post on all of that another time.
  • I’ve been working hard. And with Christmas fast approaching I’m really looking forward to the Christmas holiday season.
  • I started a regular podcast. It’s live on anchor and apple itunes. You can call into the anchor one, leave me comments and even applaud the stuff you like!
  • I’ve started studying a little, not really real courses again, more in my own time. At the moment I’ve been doing mathematics, some quantum mechanics &astrophysics. Exercising the brain and going over past studies. Maybe in the next because I’ll take it seriously and go back to university for something more formal.
  • I restored my old BBQ. Which turns out after a shine up looks like a new BBQ. So I’ve been having a lot of outdoor grillin’ sessions. Its real nice considering summer is getting closer in Australia.


I feel like a tonne more has happened in life but I’ll leave it hear. I just missed writing and wanted to get back into it a post at a time.

Hope you’re all well.


2 thoughts on “I Miss Writing

  1. I gave up on anchor. Mostly because it was a ton of work to promote it and I rather focus that on my blog and etsy shop. Anyway maybe someday I’ll try again!

    Congrats on the house and all the new things! Talk to you soon!

    1. Hi Elle!

      I notice you’re quiet over there. A few things have changed on the app. A few more people on there too. Like you, I don’t promote it much. I just engage within the anchor community as it’s a certain type of people that like that app. I’m kinda addicted still. :)

      Thanks on the congrats. It’s a nice feeling.

      Hope Christmas brings you joy. Keep up the Etsy work. I see your designs.


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