Here’s why I led YOU here…

I don’t know exactly where I’m headed. I’ve got a pretty clear idea but to be exact, I’m not 100% certain. All I know is I’m heading somewhere and I’m letting my inner compass guide me.

I’ll never forget my roots. I’ll never forget the day I sat down and thought about a bunch of you. Some of you here will know very well why I chose you. Others will be a bit surprised or may even think it strange.

Here’s the thing…

I probably won’t know my 150,000th subscriber or follower. I hope to know them, but chances are I wont as personally as I have the chance to know my 150th. I’m not fancy. I’m well aware I’m a small someone from Sydney in a VERY noisy online scene. A scene everyone wants a part of. My gut tells me I’m an anomaly and I hope I’m right.

Somewhere along the lines one of you has written a comment to me, maybe even just once, many of you a lot more, shared a post of mine, liked more than my deserving amount of photos, read my blog posts, watched me on YouTube, listened to me podcast away when no one else will listen or is there at the end of a big week in person.

I don’t forget anything.

I’ve led a few of you here that immediately come to mind. There are a few more but at some stage YOU stood out. From close to home or on the other side of the world. I notice what you do. I follow you too and feel happy when I hear something good is in your day. I don’t know why, I don’t know where it comes from but I’m compelled to let this play out.

So if you allow me the privledge to invite you to read this post and dedicate it to YOU, it’s my way of acknowledging you as a person and to say thankyou. I’ll stay loyal. I’ll never get too fancy. And when my community grows larger than I ever deserve, know that you each played a part in the days when I thought no one was watching, reading or listening.

Your support gives me the courage and belief that the next post I put out into the world each day is worth it and is getting my compass aligned that little bit more. I’m not just doing all of this for myself, for some reason I need to do it for others too.

Here’s to all of you. Thankyou.

4 thoughts on “I’ll Remember You

  1. Ivan!!!! How freakin’ sweet and touching!! Thank YOU so much for being a great human being and putting your work into the world. <3 sending so much love.

  2. I love your posts Ivan! You are an awesome human being and I’m so glad we got a chance to meet and work with one another. Keep up with the amazing posts!

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