Have you seen the movie The 40-Year-Old Virgin? Well when I first thought of what people must think a dad blogger looks like, that came to mind. You know, the cream chino pants, a baby blue polo, sandals over a pair of white woollen socks and a side part so good you could slide right down it?

I stereotyped, I know. As I don’t think that could be further from the truth. Not that dressing like Andy Stitzer from the movie is bad or anything, but I’d still like to rock out my dirty 30’s for a little longer before I take on sandals and socks.

In this vlog I dive a little deeper on the topic of dad bloggers and although I’m wearing cream chinos you’ll see they arn’t the baggy, go-with-a-baby-blue-polo kind.

I’d really appreciate you subscribing to my YouTube Channel. I’ve just started getting regular content out there and you subscription will help support the positive vibes along my content creation journey.


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