If you haven’t watched Casey Neistats video called Sad Story, take a moment to do so. I cried watching it. I cried watching him cry talking about it. Please watch his recent video and give him and Errol some love.

What an honor. A privilege.

To think that what could potentially be a last wish these amazing children make is to meet this man is something I was blown away by. This blog post here is to honor these children and honor the man that is Casey Neistat. His genuineness, creativity, passion for life, for people and growth in oneself really does reach out far and wide across the world. And I can here him saying he probably doesnt like this post as it bring attention to him and not the message in the video, but I’m aiming to do both.

“I hope you don’t mind Casey.”

Please visit Errols charity called Cancer-A-Gogo.

Many children across the world each day get dished out a tough card in life, often so much so they only see a few sunrises compared to the rest of us. And that hurts to think that. I thank God each and every day for the health of my family and my heart goes out to all those who were not so lucky.

This post is bitter sweet as I have this huge sense of love towards people and an appreciation for life but I feel as though I can’t yet do more to enrich the lives of people who as less fortunate like these kids. I think this is partly why I felt so humbled and inspired watching Casey’s video. A part of me is driven further to make something of myself in this world so I can further enrich the lives of others. Selflessly.

I hope that all came out right.

Love to all. Ivan.


I woke on Saturday morning to another episode of Casey’s vlog. With a lump in my throat I watched and felt both sadness and amazement at at Errols strength…. and legacy.

Errols charity – Cancer-A-Gogo.

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