Holy shit face. What a massive, epic, huge week!

Not my usual intro. I know. But it’s the truth. As I sit here with a glass of Tawny (Australian Reserve Tawny by The Tractorless Vinyard; in case you’re interested) and my wife watches the new series called Yummy Mummies (watched from the corner of my eye so and opinions forming so far), I’m starting to finally feel some relief this Sunday evening now that I have my thumbs working away in a blog post. I’ve missed it since my last Parenting Profile Series.

So treat this post as a wrap up of a week of sorts. No planned structure but a bunch of honesty for the loyal readers.

If you have been listening to me on air over on my new show on Anchor you’d know I’ve been counting down the weeks until I take some time off work so I can re-energise. I’m also looking forward to being able to do some creative content creation for all of my online brand, once I’ve enjoyed a sleep-in or two that is. It’s usually the time when I kick start again to catch up over lost weeks when work and ‘normal life’ stuff gets in the way.

This weekend started off with our usual and traditional Friday night dinner, albeit a little different with a few people being a bit sick this time of year. Saturday was all about Daddy Daycare with the kiddies at home and after an earlier night that usual last night I woke to head off to the office to do a Sunday session at work with my old man and his Real Estate company. We’ve been hard at work relocating to the new office so it’s involved some tech setup, unpacking and catching up on the backlog of paperwork. After wrapping up that session mid afternoon it was back home to spend time with the family, kids played outside, wifey knocked out a gym session and I managed to get an episode on Anchor in. And here I am, finally getting to a weekly wrap upon the blog.

With yet another big week planned ahead at work and keeping things in check till I let my team fly solo for a week soon while I take some much needed time off, I’m enjoying my feet up to wind the night down.

In wrapping up, when things get challenging in life, as they do when you’re building something you’re passionate about, I often resort to being grateful upon reflection… which is how I feel right now. In amongst all the busy’ness that is life I’m thankful for the readers & community I have and the close family and friends in my life. So if you’re reading this I extend that thanks to you also.

Have a great week ahead everyone!


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