I never want this bond to end. Like any good Dad I’m sure. I’ll always want to cuddle him, be his best friend, go on adventures and share stories and memories. I’m blessed he is my son. And who can’t help falling in love with his helmet!

He started Kindergarten this week so I thought it would be a great opportunity to share some quality time together and go on a little adventure. Skateboard and scooters in hand, we headed out to explore our local reserve and carve up the streets a bit.

That day was also the beginning of what was to be a trail of hot days, breaking Sydney’s hottest weather records reaching as high as 46+ degrees celsius, which if my math is right is around 114 degrees fahrenheit for my American community out there. We’ve only just come off the back of the heat wave with some cooler weather which is refreshing, before we spike back up to 31 in the coming days.

I hope you enjoy this short little vlog just as much as we enjoyed making it. And if I can pass on any advice – even though it’s hot, we’re busy, or life gets in the way, it’s great to make memories like these; growing up that’s what our little ones will remember.


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