It’s a real love affair. The complete opposite to firey hotness. Some people like the sweat dripping long nights. But I’ve always been a little more, how can I say… romantic with the idea of rugging up under a blanket in front of the fire, the warmth of the flame against skin.

You see, I hate Summer, but I love Winter.

Wait… what? Oh you thought I was referring to that Fifty Shades kind of shit. Not this time. You have to watch this instead to see me with that book in my hand. 

The only good thing about Summer here in Sydney, Australia is the fact that we get extended daylight during the summer months because of Daylight Savings. Other than that it’s all humidity, heat waves and irritability.

Winter on the other hand is hybernation, cool, comfort and productivity. I just feel more calm and motivated. Creativity switches on, the air is still and crisp, the house is warmed by the heater, even my wardrobe is better – I get to wear hoodies again. Shit is just better, it just is.

I’m well and truly over Summer and without wanting to wish away the great months of the year so early in, I’m counting down the days until the end of March / early May. I’d happily travel across the globe each season to hunt out the best Winters. Snow, rain, hail, storms. I’m all for it.

I’m sure there are some peeps who think I’m absolutely crazy. I’ll live with that. I’m selfishly obsessed with Winter. Infact, I might even put it down to the fact that I was born in the Winter. Shit, I might even get the word tattooed on my back.

Countdown is on. Winter is coming…


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