This post will satisfy many proud, hardworking stay at home Mum’s, like music to their ears in between spilt milk and babies crying.

This post may piss off the female supremacist. Too bad. I don’t like you anyway.

For the misogynists or chauvinists that think this is a pat on your back, I hate you’s just as much as female supremacists, so don’t get ahead of yourself.

This post will hurt the feelings of some men out there who feel offended by what I am about to say justifying their hurt emotions on some argument that they believe they can parent just as good as a woman. Eat a brick big fella. You can’t. Not if you’re honest. 

On the record here, I’ll be the first to admit that females are a superior species to men. Yep! That’s right, you heard that straight from a Man’s mouth. And I don’t say that jokingly.

Indeed both men and women are equal in terms of rights and entitlement. But, I believe women are emotionally stronger beings in their natural state when it comes to anything parenting, or that which stems from a maternal origin. And that’s no surprise. During childbirth, their bodies are subjected to a level of pain that would make The Hulk himself kneel before the Gods. They just battle on if they feel unwell, not complaining all that much really. On the other hand, us men, at least in my case, can’t bare the sight of a blood test. I wouldn’t want to experience childbirth nor do I have any intention of trying and I have the utmost respect for any woman that has bought a child into this world.

Now, I’m not all that hopeless. I can cook, clean, do washing, bath and put kids to bed and do the whole Daddy Daycare thing when my wife is at work or away for the weekend. But I don’t enjoy it and it’s certainly not my strength. My wife may beg to differ but I don’t think I complain about it most times.

Ok, I’ll admit, that was a slight lie.

On the flip I’m not saying for a second my wife enjoys doing housework either, she works full time and just as hard as me but I’d be lying if I said her feminine and maternal energy didn’t keep this household running like a well greased formula-1 engine. She just does it better than me. I’d just be lying if I said otherwise.

On the other hand… put me to work, long hours, high pressure situations, extreme responsibility, little sleep, multiple work tasks at once, a need for productivity and self discipline, desire to want to provide financially and belief that its my responsibility to do so in place of my wife, I’m humble enough to admit they are my strengths and beliefs. When the pressures of life are on I can pretty well manage it all for our family, as I think a man should. It’s the masculine energy that I am talking about here. But as for everything else, I hand the reigns over to my queen.

Let’s put it all of this into context – Saturday morning… I’m at home with the kids today and I need bread for sandwiches and milk for cereal. That means I have to go into the mall with two kids. That means I have to squeeze them into my car, pack a pram, depending on how long I’ll be in the mall I might need a change of clothes for my youngest, some packed snacks would help too. I need to pick outfits, do pig tails and pack bags.

We arrive at the mall…

Daddy! I need to go toilet!

We gather here today to celebrate the life of Ivan…

That’s pretty much where my life is over. Ok, that’s a little dramatic, but realistically the thought of having to take two kids to a toilet at a mall is enough to make me skip the bread and milk run. My wife on the other hand – she makes it look so easy. There is something about having to juggle that somewhat simple task that makes me just, well, stay indoors.

I come home from work and she has been at home with the kids, she is all smiles, dinner cooking, house tidy, kids happy, make up pretty, looking all vibrant… Hi hun! she says.

Woman just do all this juggling kids stuff better. Or at least my wife does anyway. I can appreciate that sounds a bit sexist and although it’s certainly not the intention, it’s just the truth. And don’t get me wrong, as I’m typing this post I’m trying to prepare dinner and put in my part and I like to think it always turns out well in the end, but the process is not without pressure, a pressure that is very different to how I say, run a team or perform at work. It’s just different.

Oven is beeping, hold on a sec…

If I had to do this parenting thing full time as a home-stay Dad, it wouldn’t work. Interestingly, I have had this conversation with a number of guys and a handful of them say they’d be happy to stay home if their wife made majority of the income and was the “bread winner” as they say. Fine. For them. That arrangement just wouldn’t work for me. I need to be busy all the time, doing something constructive that I feel is building the foundation for our family. Bringing home the bacon as it’s put.

I have total and uninhibited respect for the contribution my wife plays towards our family in all the areas that I lack and suck at. She just does it all so well.



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