I know I promised a blog post everyday but things got a bit curved these last three days so I apologise for not posting.

The last time I blogged consistently I would stay up past midnight and push one out for the sake of getting it out, and although I loved doing it I figured since I’m really putting more focus into my blog I don’t want to give you content for the sake of it, particularly since my last posts have been quite value adding. At least I hope.

So here’s a quick update on whats been going on in the last few days that’s kept me off the grid…

  1. Appeared on radio. I was on KISS 1065’s Kyle & Jackie O Show this week giving my view on the Australia Day Debate following my Australia Day post.  Check out Episode 619 dated 25/01/17 & skip to 46:30 to jump straight in – You can listen to me on the podcast here.
  2. Work. In amongst the start of this I’ve been doing the work thing, aiming to close out a lot of end of month targets which has been coming along well so that has also taken some energy.
  3. Australia Day celebrations. My family and I celebrated Australia Day the true Aussie way with a BBQ and a picnic. We threw the frisbee around and the kids enjoyed riding their scooters and skateboards. It was great fun.
  4. Family time. Family time is a huge deal to me. I spend a lot of time with my close family and it’s always filled with food, laughs and great conversations. We let most of these in the last few days run into the late hours of the evening so I just rode that wave.
  5. Funeral. The not so happy part of life. I attended a funeral of a close friends family member which meant I was away from home for almost a full day.
  6. Siladji Friday Night Dinner. If you follow me on snapchat or instagram you will have seen some of our antics that go on at our ritualistic dinners. Our family have held these dinners every Friday for the last 15 years or so and they are great fun.

What I’m finding…

Some of you will find this a challenge to get your head around but I’ve been going to bed a bit earlier each night, somewhere between 11:30am – 12am and my sleep quality until I wake of a morning has been great, sleeping straight through most of the time, but boy-oh-boy has it knocked me about the following day. By the afternoon I’m tired again and I don’t have the energy to go into the night. On the flip, when I go to bed around 0130am-0200am and get 5 – 6 hours sleep, I’m pretty much right to go until the following evening once again. It’s like the reverse of supplying energy. Strange! So I’m looking forward to cutting my sleep back a bit.

So that’s a bit of a catch up-wrap up for you. Back soon with the next post.


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