file_000-23My blog has been purposefully organised into four different categories where you can regularly expect a different flavour of content under one (or maybe more) of the categories of opinions, parenting, work and lifestyle. This will also allow you to go back through my articles depending on what you enjoy reading more.

Because my blog is focused on delivering content to hardworking parents and individuals who share many of the same interests as me I’ve structured the format for you as follows:

  • Monday morning, ready to take on the big work week ahead? Then visit my work tab. Here I’ll share some hand picked experiences through engaging and practical posts that you can deploy in your own work day or business.
  • Saturday or Sunday morning with a cup of coffee, piece of toast and mustering the courage for a busy day with your kids? Then my parenting tab provides you with a solid selection of articles I’ve written to help with the insanity of wet nappies, breadcrumbs and uncomfortable co-sleeping nights.
  • Long day at work, mid week after the kids have finally gone off to bed? Then I’ve got you covered there too with my lifestyle tab. Everything from making the best cup of coffee, to organising your home, to self improvement, confronting life’s challenges and a regular YouTube Vlog where I document my own life for a bit of fun and behind the scenes into what I get up to.
  • Something interesting going on in the world? Maybe you’ll enjoy my fun witted but often meritocratic and capitalist take on the situation within articles under my opinions tab.

Best way to get the newest updates, weekly wrap ups and VIP (very important parent) content? Join my newsletter and I’ll be in touch.

I’m really looking forward getting to know more of you here.



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