In this challenge for December that I have set for myself there are literally hundreds of different types of exercises or workouts I could do. I’ve started walking and running which I enjoy. I’ve also done weight training of which I don’t really like all that much at this stage.  So far this first week of the December Dad Bod Challenge I’ve started something I really enjoy – Yoga!

Admittedly I probably look like a pelican learning to fly for the first time but none-the-less the sessions I have done so far have been great fun not to mention they feel really good. I’ve always appreciated how good being flexible really is. Coming from a lengthy and diverse Martial Arts background I had always been quite flexible as a teenage and young adult but since stopping most forms of exercise that flexibility has stated to disappear. The result of this has been obvious;

  • Poor posture leading to hunched back and protruded stomach
  • Imbalanced centre of gravity
  • Tightness and sharp pains in the abdomen
  • Stiffness in the neck
  • Lack of flexibility in my hamstrings, calves and quadriceps
  • Reduced rotator cuff range
  • Weakness in my core

These deficiencies have led to a rang of noticeable effects in my overall fitness and ultimately make doing any form of exercise a lot more tiring and unpleasant. Its pleasing to know however that the activity to help correct a lot of these issues lies in something that Ive found I really enjoy and that is yoga. I’m wondering how many people have found benefits to the above issues after doing yoga for some time? I’d be curious to hear of your experiences and insights.

Of an evening a few days this week I have rolled out my yoga mat and taken classes via the app Yoga Studio. The classes are very well explained, taught clearly and cater for all levels of fitness or experience. I’ve taken the beginners flexibility and strength classes of different durations so far and rate them quite high. The app is clean, simple to use and the user interface doesn’t add to the complexities of life but rather help to simplify it. I personally use it on iOS but after looking at the site it appears its available for most other platforms as well. All in all I really rate the app.

Being a goal driven person I’ve already got my eyes set on some of the more advanced moves but will sit sight for a while and make steady progress.

In other news — in vlog 020 below I take you along to a Siladji Sunday lunch over at the Australian Botanic Gardens which was great fun, particularly because the weather in Sydney is heating up very quick as we have officially moved into our Summer.

Enjoy the vlog! And if you’re a yoga enthusiasts, either a beginner or a seasoned practitioner, I’d like to hear your experience, particularly because I’m new to the whole thing. Leave me a comment.

Don’t forget all you Yogi’s, leave me a comment!

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