I have no idea where the last piece of glass went. I found the long bit that run around the top of the cup… but the rest? I have no idea. I assume I’ve trapped it in the filter.

After doing Dad chores like a boss The kids and I got creative and baked cupcakes. Now before you watch the vlog – everyone knows the end result never looks like the front of the packet, I mean, does anyone ever get it the same? The kids liked them anyway so I count it as one parent point earned.

And if you’re following my December Dad Bod Challenge then expect to see me pull some weights in this episode. I get my weight kit out (which is pretty versatile I think) and work on my back and biceps. I hated it. And liked it at the same time. And my son even joined in training too!

Taking small steps to climb big mountains.

I’d love to know – have you ever made a packet recipe for cakes and they turn out the same as the picture. What’s your secret? Leave me a comment.


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