October was a success. 

November is wrapping up to be somewhat successful too. 

But December – I have a strong suspicion I will regret the promise I am about to make myself in today’s vlog.

You see, if you’re a parent you will appreciate that we dedicate a lot of our time to our family and often forget about ourselves, particularly when it comes to what’s actually most important — our health.

Is it really possible to truly look after your health AND parent effectively when you’ve been really putting it off for a long time, making excuses, working a lot? I am about to find out!

For the month of December I have set one epic challenge – to workout Every. Single. Day. That’s right; not once a week, or three times, or a rest day and then some training. I’m about to break all the rules and work out every day. Rain. Hail. Or shine.

The plan? To create a lasting habit. I figured based on the last two months worth of habitual results that I might be onto something around strategy. So here I am about to set the toughest goal of the year for a Dad who nowadays gets sore shoulders holding the Whipper Snipper (garden edger). To work out consecutively for the next 31 days. No excuses. Past the pain. Past the tiredness. Even past the burnout.

Currently weighing in at just short of 80kgs, 173cm tall, with a BMI of 26 (>25 is classed as overweight), around 21-22% body fat (minimum I suspect), I’m most certainly not close to having any six-pack show through. I can barely run a km without feeling like my shins are breaking these days. Yep, it’s that bad. My flexibility is pathetically bad it’s not worth trying to find a pun to describe a comparison. And endurance / cardio? Yep, someone open a window, that’s about to go out of it too.

So on record – I’m making a decision. Today. I will hate most of the next month because of it. I hate exercising these days as I’m tired from most other things I commit too. It has never “given me more energy”. Whatever. What’s up with that anyway?

No matter how unhealthy someone is I believe deep down we can all make an improvement. It’s not about looking like the next Mr. Olympia or magazine cover. It’s about making a shift from the place you are in now to a place that is empowering and one that is promising. I truly believe if I push the doubt aside for the next 30 days that I will experience a shift that will finally be lasting.

I will be documenting a lot of the journey for you to follow along the way. And hopefully I will implore you to join in. Especially my fellow Dad’s out there. If not for yourself, do it for your kids.

One day you will die and leave them in this world. Buy a few more years with me by working out each day of December. Together we can do this.

Enjoy the vlog that goes with this post. It comes from a good place.

And if you’re willing to join me, leave me a comment and I’ll be in touch. Support makes everything easier. 

Know a Dad that could benefit from this post? Share it along.


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