Admitadily my vlog was a little less busy this week but still productive. I did get a couple of videos out although if I’m to be true to you I have to be honest and say the editing of videos everyday, particularly this week was a bit of a challenge. But I haven’t given up – just came out in dribbles. Besides my work week being epic and Monday feeling like a Friday that early on, the week closed out fairly calm.

Here I’ll be wrapping up the last fortnight. What you may have missed…

My family celebrated Thanksgiving again this year for the third time and it was a joy. We ended dinner by gathering in the lounge room to put up our Christmas tree which was a lot of  fun. And yes, we play Christmas Carols in the background. What is a tree-putting-up-session without some Micheal Bublé’s Christmas album?


Looking back there was a lot covered from all different areas of life. And it’s been fun. Luckily I’m not dropping no cameras so I’ll be back with another episode soon!

Leave me a comment. What would you like to see on the vlog or blog next? Don’t be be shy, let me know. 


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