Todays Vlog is a doozy. All kinds of stuff happens. I was thinking about a theme a decided that a 10 things about me type one could be a good opportunity to share some fun facts. Turns out I didn’t quote 10 things, maybe I did, I didn’t actually count. But I did share a few things you may or may not know about me already.

Some unusual things went down including downing some ketchup – or trying to anyway, interrupting the broadcast for a subsequent broadcast to the one-and-only Casey Neistat and there was even a little bit of tree hugging – for all you tree huggers out there.

I’ve received a few comments on the videos lately which makes me ultra happy and grateful so please keep em’ coming, the more I get the more I know the content is being received well. So thanks a bunch!

Would you like to see an episode on a certain topic? If so, leave me a comment, email or send me tweet on twitter and your wish will be my command.

Ivan S

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