Before I give the wrong impression I want to be clear I’m not intending on taking on the role of motivator or life coach in this post. The following blog / vlog is without a doubt just genuine experience and hope for those that actually need to see this. If you don’t have a problem around caring what others think then you can skim over this post if you like, but for those that could do with a different flavour and approach to the topic – I promise to be genuine.

It can be very easy to get caught up on what people think of us, or rather, what we perceive they think of us. At some point for some people this can often be overly consuming and it needn’t be the case. I genuinely believe that everyone ought to be themselves and embrace the idea of being an anomaly, so much so that you use it as a fuel if you will to do and be more in life around what your actual truth is – not saving the world, not finding cures or world peace, but being you and letting people enjoy the real side that is you.

When I edit my videos I see the lack of symmetry in my face, the slight tilt in a lip, an eye that might not be the same size as the other – it really doesn’t matter. If your intention is pure good then you will inevitably come out on top and achieve some level of fulfillment. I truly believe this and aim to live out this belief. I would be humbled and honoured to think I may be able to encourage this contentness in one person out of the 7 billion that resides on this planet. Just one.

I hope you enjoy todays vlog. And remember – leave me a comment, I’d love to know where you are in the world so I can say thanks.

Ivan Siladji

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