Chaos. Busy. Pace. Agenda. List.

Simplicity. Minimalism. Systemisation. Productivity. Light.

Our home is our sanctuary. It is where most people spend 60% of their time or part thereof outside of work. I’m a big believer in keeping a home a place of relaxation, peace and order when the rest of life can throw curve balls, schedules and responsibilities at you on the daily.

Having such a belief means that the home ought to be coordinated (as best as possible with two gremlins… I mean children running around) such that it feeds the energy into other areas of life that could do with order. One of the easiest areas of the home to get a bit out of control is the wardrobe, particularly my own. Today I went through it and let go of things that I don’t wear anymore nor need. The weight has been lifted. I feel lighter already. Guys, Dads, gents… get onto it.

In today’s vlog, episode 012, I take you behind the scenes of the process and show you the before and after.

Garage. Check. Pantry. Check. Yard. Check. Wardrobe Check. Ensuite. Check.


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