This morning I woke up and I was in a calm mood (after the kids were all finally ready for daycare that is).

When sitting down to think of a topic for today’s daily blog (episode 10) it only felt natural to blog about something that matched my mood – meditation.

For those of you who are long time readers (whoever you are out there) you may recall me mentioning meditation along the way. As a practitioner and a big believer in its benefits I really felt compelled to share some of my tips, experiences and insights with you from my own experiences.

Some of the things I discuss are binaural beats, brain entrainment, chakra, ohm and guided meditation as well as give you some resources and directions to help get you started.

Leave me a comment answering the following —

Do you meditate? If so what does a typical meditation session look like for you?

Share this with someone that you feel might benefit. Its all about paying it forward :)

Resources Zen, Relax and Mediate with Guided Meditation by MoveNext, Ltd. (No commission or affiliation).


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