Coffee is a strange thing. I wouldn’t call my self an addict of coffee by any means but I certainly appreciate a good brew when I find it and I have been known to hunt it out. Years ago while I was going through university I even spent a few years as barista and really enjoyed it.

Coffee, it’s roasting and subsequent brewing is unique in that it is one of a few of life’s enjoyments where science and art come together with an almost endless array of variations in texture and flavour.


One of my favourite ways to brew coffee is the age old stove top way – the method taught to me by my late grandparents. This type of coffee serves up very fond memories for me as a young kid sitting on the back verandah with my grandfather of a morning or afternoon enjoying a “little coffee”.

In todays vlog I wake up and smell the coffee and serve you up a “how-to” behind the scenes look at how I make the perfect short black – stove top style baby!

I’d love to hear how you like your coffee.

Leave me a comment –

What’s your favourite way to enjoy coffee? Stovetop, cold drip, espresso, instant? Other?


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