And I arrived. After 31 days. I arrived.

Most nights I’d say it happens somewhere between 1000pm and 0100am. Productivity was mostly high during those hours and I was alone so I could thumb my way through my thoughts effectively. 

At first I was unsure of what I would talk about. Then I decided I would go on a 31 day Journey to turn my life around. 31 days have past and I can say… my life hasn’t completely turned around but I’ve made some progress. I didn’t anticipate a total transformation. I’ve come to learn after years of experience that things take time. Now that we’re at the end of the month however I can say I’ve learned a lot about myself as well as what I do and don’t like about blogging. 

Freedom. The ability to write freely. No constraints. About topics I enjoy as opposed to what I believe people just wanted to read. This I’ve enjoyed. 

I learned more about personal commitment. The more I progressed, the easier it has gotten to be consistent. That I’m proud about. 

Community – I’ve gained a handful more followers and for that I’m truly grateful. I’ve learned about depth as opposed to breadth. I know more about why I blog as opposed to what I’m blogging about. 

Some days I had to juggle a lot and other days it came easy. But it’s been a great journey. And now I’m hoping it’s just begun. 

Tomorrow I’m embarking on a new journey, one that is much harder than that which I just completed. After blogging #300wordsaday for 31 days I now set forth on a larger challenge. To vlog a post a day

Writing is one thing in amongst my hectic life, but recording a video a day, editing it, uploading it and probably linking it to a blog post will be a challenge around time management more than anything. But I shall endeavour to achieve. And I’m really looking forward to the depth video provides. It more personal and will be the next level to putting out content that is truly in line with my brand vision

I thank each and every new follower. Each and every reader. I hope I’ve provided value and when I begin my next challenge tomorrow I’ll aim to up my game yet again for you all as part of my mission to live out my blog purpose. 

Thank you Keren for setting the #300wordsaday challenge. And thank you all for reading. Until tomorrow when we explore the next dimension – video! And I’m kinda glad, my pinky finger is suffering from holding my iPhone while blogging every day. 

Ivan Siladji

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