Ok, so before I have child services knocking on my door because of my blog post title I’ll highlight the fact that I didn’t actually list my kids on Facebook Marketplace to my credit — one it’s illegal and two I love them too much. But boy did parenting really test today – what a day. The Siladji blood is strong no doubt and everything demands independence in our household. It’s like turning two and five gives our little ones an all access pass to the instruction manual on how to be all knowing, all perceiving, all energy, all day, non-stop, jump here, argue there…

I am very aware that such characteristics will however serve them both well in life so we learn to adapt as parents – and survive [sheds a tear – tissue please!]. In all seriousnous though, parenting is no doubt a challenge. We’ve all heard it before but on the flip side its certainly rewarding and we wouldn’t have it any other way – well maybe with a little less grey hairs, and sleepless nights, and early mornings, and spilt milks, and tantrums, and jumping off furniture, and not eating dinner only to ask for food at 10pm, and changing clothes every 30mins, and…

So chilling here at 11:34pm on a Saturday night  now that the house is quite is somewhat nice. It’s been an extraordinarily huge week of work  filled with lots of exhausted days, early mornings and late nights, plenty of paper work. There has been thousands of words in blog posts, new followers, lessons and personal growth. So all in all net-net it’s a winning week.

And with that we are just two days out of the end of October and getting closer to Novembers’ new once a day vlog challenge. That will be interesting.

Here’s to great well wishes from me to you for your week too. 


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