On the first day of this month I set out to blog each and every single day aiming for #300wordsaday. This began as a challenge proposed in a facebook group I’m apart of called Sydney Passion Bloggers run by my friend Keren who founded PassionatelyKeren.com.au. Consistently I’ve achieved that every single day this month (although I haven’t counted the words – I’m sure the month average is about 300 per day). 

Now it’s close to the end of October – to quit or not to quit? Are you f*%king kidding me! I’m not here to quit. This challenge has only just begun. The traction has been great. The momentum is solid and it’s almost habitual to blog each day. So what next for November?

This week I was asking myself what I could do for my readers that will add value and enrich their lives while keeping in line with the brand words of my blog — addictively intense, loving and inspirational. I thought about a daily short video series and then it clicked – I’m setting a new challenge and it will be a damn challenging one. Irony, right?

In November I will aim for one vlog (video blog) per day. 

I’ve long loved video and believe it’s by far the strongest content medium today. If I think back, and I have many times, on the source content that I was exposed to for the small handful of people I myself religiously follow online – it was via video. I think video gives a greater transpeancy of character and builds context around your written content for interpretation. So I’m both optimistic and excited. At least that’s the plan for November – I have no other form of personal online content challenge in mind so I’m thinking to go with that. 

With that said I’m not setting out to be the next life coach video guy. There are plenty of those people around you can look up if you want that sort of stuff. My intention will be to follow the same sort of theme I have over the last month with the #300wordsaday challenge except via video. Real life experiences. Daily documenting around my work ethic. Lessons in areas of which I’m qualified to share that I may have done something worthy in. That sort of jazz. Some might be long. Others might be short.

I acknowledge that video takes longer to produce and finding time to record a video a day I know logistically will not be easy especially with my more-often-than-not very hectic lifestyle – but I shall try my best. 

So here’s to the last few days of blogging for the month until a likely new journey begins in my blog world. Wicked!


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