If you have ever done any form of meditation my gut tells me there is a strong reason to believe you found some benefit. I italicised the word ‘any’ in the proceeding sentance because meditation comes in many forms.

I’ve sat at my desk with my eyes closed, feeling relaxed and just focused on my breathing, being concious of my heart beating and felt the effects of calmness that waved over me. This gives me a sense of clarity and centralisation that allowed me to tackle the tasks before me head on. I’ve laid on the floor, head resting on a pillow and listened to tranquil music to let myself freely relax, releasing the days tension, demands and pressures as they dissipate through the floor beneath me. And then I’ve sat with my legs crossed, hands in lap and chanted chakra. Each has its own benefits and feels both right and good at the same time. 

My point I’m trying to make is meditation can take many forms and not knowing where to start should certainly not be a deterrent to trying it out. 

For instance, by listening to my bodies calling for the need for calm, I often enjoy the feeling of putting pods in my ears and playing a guided meditation – letting the voice direct the focus of energy, freedom and relaxation throughout my body. 

If you’re unsure where to start and any of this is sounding remotely tempting, a good place to start could be downloading one of the many apps from the apps store that offer guided meditation. I’ve tried a few and the one I’m enjoying now is appropriately called Zen

I’m not affiliated or invested in or with this app. 

This great app is free in the app store but has the option for in app purchases. In the free version there are a bunch of valuable audio to start off with including some guided meditation. Anytime you want some words of wisdom you can graciously swipe through a selection of quotes that both inspire and calm when needed. Fancy a playlist of easy listening tunes to wind down your evening? – Zen has you covered. Want some reflective tracks to start your day of calmly? – they’ve got a morning pack too. 

There are many apps out there. Or even guided sessions on YouTube. If you prefer absolute silence then that works too, giving you the chance to embrace true calm and be at one with your own pulse. 

Whatever means you choose, some of the benefits you might be able to experience are;

  • Calmness and reflection after a big day – giving your subcioncious mind the chance to sort through the noise and free up energy helps you focus on what the new priorities are.
  • Productivity booster –  if you’re feeling overwhelmed and underproductive meditation can help centre your thoughts so you can see with clarity where your true potential for results are
  • Gratitude – being thankful for what you have helps you attract more of what you want and need. 
  • Self awareness – being able to internalise and listen to your inner voice helps you, in part, increase your self awareness. 
  • Sensual awareness – being intimate with your partner can come with ease when you are aroused. Meditation may help improve libido and sex-drive when coupled with visualisation. 
  • Memory and retention – meditation prior to and/or after studying may assist in preparing the mind for learning and retaining what you studied 
  • Sleep – meditation prior to bed time may assist with a restful sleep or reduce the effects of insomnia, particularly when coupled with brain entrainment. 

These are just some of the many benefits meditation can bring to your life. My advise – start somewhere. You’ll quickly learn what feels right and works right and what doesn’t. 

If you’ve tried or currently participate in meditation I’d love to hear from you. I welcome you to share your tips, insights or experiences. 


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