What a week in the world of blogging and what better day to give you a wrap and point you in the direction of what you may have missed – some of it was controversial, intense and other times refreshing. 

Sunday #16 – A detailed outline of how to start a photography business from scratch – just the way I did it

Monday #17 – I admitted to the real reason why I blog

Tuesday #18 – My observations after 18 days of writing to you

Wednesday #19 – My head explodes, Tarzan and my wife walked in on me

Thursday #20 – Anti-socialist pro-capatitalist rant, meritocracy and why I couldn’t give a s%*t about how long your lunch break is

Friday #21 – Card counting and a fact about Scandinavians 

Saturday #22 – Zombies, Monster Jam and managing exhaustion

What better time to catch up on what you may have missed this week. My blog tends to get the most traffic on Sunday, probably I suspect because most people can finally sit down and catch up on what they may have missed – almost like the Sunday newspaper – does anyone even read that anymore? 

I’d like to thank the top 5 countries this week where my readership has come from.

In other news – I’ve caught up on both released episodes of the #askgaryvee show while driving using that NET time (no extra time). 

One of the things I’m finding a challenge is getting more exercise in. This week has been a bit more active due to the work I’m involved in this but I definitely acknowledge the need to get my body moving. 

I’d be curious to hear from busy parents how they best find the time to squeeze in a workout – was there a shift in thought that one day just made you start working out?
Here’s to a great week!


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