Looooong day. But fantastic. I just got back home late tonight after a long day out at Monster Jam in Sydney with my little boy. We spent time at the Pitt Party so we enjoyed a onnenof walking, photos, food and memorabilia. It was out first time attending and thoroughly enjoyed it. We were both cheering for Zombie but he lost. It was a great day and now we are spent – he is asleep and I’m winding down my night with a cup of coffee (of which I craved for the better part of the afternoon), this blog post and Clash of the Titans playing in the background, although it’s not a movie I’m much of a fan of.

The week gone by was an 7/10 on a scale of brain-drain. I have a Sunday hustle session alongside my Dad in the Real Estate game tomorrow followed by a planned week that will likely top a 9/10 so I anticipate needing some concious management to minimise exhaustion. Normally to do this I freely switch off at the end of each day. I’m fortunate in that I generally have the ability to do this as I sit all that I do at a macro level and can seperate myself from my work by means of systemisation. I see myself seperate to a system and role outside of work so it makes it easy for me to disconnect. That often helps. There is no issue, task or project run under someone else’s company that is in control of yourself and accepting this puts everything into perspective in my view.

So in this light I press on with my blogging goal of a post each day. What will tomorrow bring? Only a sunrise will tell but until then I’m going to go any enjoy that coffee, before it goes cold.


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