21. The age at which Americans are legally considered adults. The time in life when Australians make an excuse to have another party when they’ve already celebrated their 18th. Scandium, the element from Scandinavia with an atomic mass of 21. The title of the box office movie about a bunch of MIT students who take up card counting. And the next sequential blog post on the worlds greatest blog. Ok maybe not the worlds greatest yet but we’ll get there. 

So it’s been twenty-one days in and I’m officially in a solid rhythm and justifying the fact that it might really be worth keeping this momentum going post the current month. One of the biggest things I’ve noticed is my increase in honest self awareness. For someone who is already quite self aware it can be easy to beat around the bush, you can almost convince yourself different to what actually is, strangely, but the last 21 days are legitimately a day-by-day improvement process around really being at piece with my inner extremenes around ambition, life, persistence and desire to add value as well as what really works for me in life and what doesn’t. Diet for example. Small changes have led to a more settled balance. 

Consistent blogging has allowed me to find more of a true narrative that doesn’t care so much about what people think and instead allow me to focus more about how I can reach those that enjoy my writing. 

So 21 is a good number.

Ivan Siladji

P.S. I suck at card games and have no affiliation with card counters. Jus’ sayin’. 

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