I hate lazy people who expect the same as everyone and want everyone to be the same. Regardless of effort. They should fend for grains with pigeons. 

I’m all for meritocracy where you earn your keep. You hustle and earn your dues – you deserve to win. You do the minimum required while someone else does more – you deserve to loose. Period. I’ve always believed this. Since high school. Every failure I had I deserved. Every win I achieved I earned through hard f%*king work. 

After an interesting conversation I had today my beliefs were further validated. We are fortunate to live in a time where workers have some rights. We spend most of our days working. And it is comforting to know there is a smidgen of benefit to fall back on if times are tough. For that I’m solemnly grateful. With that said many people loose touch of just how good it is to have a job. Years ago I spent a decent amount of time in receuritment and there was a handful of people that actually wanted to work hard and find a job, to support their family. I know many people today that see their job as a right. Get the f%*k out! There is someone right behind you that is gathering coins to feed their family that would gladly step into your role. You’re never too valuable or expendable. Be grateful for what you have. 

The financial success of this world was built on one concept – capitalism. Send me your disagreements and spiels about socialism – I’d love to read them, hardly. Everyone should earn their keep. Yes, when people face challenges it’s nice as a society to pitch in but for those that leech – well you can eat grains with pigeons too. 

I personally don’t care about start times, finish times, lunch breaks, hell, if you are kicking ass and winning at what you do, knocking off targets, making moves, closing deals, bringing in bank and truly have the good intent of your job at heart, take a long lunch break. But if you spend your days watching YouTube videos and scrolling your news feed while everyone else is pulling weight – well you can eat grains with pigeons too. 

That’s my rant. I respect you if you work hard. Play hard. Work smart. All that jazz. If you’re a lazy squalor that expects the world to give you everything and you put nothing in – my respect for you is negligible. 

Signing off day 20.


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