I’ll be the first to admit my life can get pretty out of control sometimes. Juggling a full time role and managing a team that requires my brain to be on a hundred things at once, being on call for urgent issues at work, raising two kids, building a blog until early hours of the morning, trying to earn and build a brand on social, managing the marketing for my Father’s company, spending time with my wife, helping out around the house and fitting in time to explore a hobby when I’m not working can be a bit of a handful.

…Head explodes. 

Ok, maybe a slight exaggeration

I’m not saying it’s a lot of stuff to manage, more so ‘brain consuming’ when you couple it with a head full of noise that’s really obsessing all the time about doing well at life for myself and my family. It consumes me. 

So what does one do to chill and disconnect from the world?

  • I’m a massive movie fan. I love a great film and it’s really my 1.5-2hr unwind time where I allow my head to switch off. Throughout all hours of the day, a.m., p.m., I’ll literally be trying to connect and engage online and learn something new all day throughout the gaps between meetings, toilet breaks, corridor walks, on lunch, during breakfast. It doesn’t matter. So to allow my mind to have the story told to me as opposed to me trying to create the story is kinda nice. Movies do that for me. And tonight it was the new Tarzan movie from Warner. Bros. We enjoyed it. Solid movie. No spoilers. I hate you spoilers. 
  • Meditate. When my head is going a million miles an hour sometimes I go higher level. I switch off the lights, put pods in my ears and listen to a guided meditation in the middle of a dark room and I just let myself transcend. I’ll do gratitude mediatation, relaxation meditation, sometimes I’ll even let myself sleep or transition to my subconscious and just ride with it. Then my wife walks in on me… she sees me laying in the middle of a dark room on the floor Zen’d out. At first she was confused now she just knows it’s me “getting my Zen on”. 
  • Journal. To be honest I haven’t actually written a journal entry for some time, probably because I’ve blogged a lot lately, but it does, and has, on a macro level, played a big part in giving me clarity and alignment when my world feels like a NASCAR race. I’ve written about journaling before and still hold faith in it as a tool for life. 

And that’s it. Oh, I just realised one more. I’d say once every 1-2 yeas I’ll also fully disconnect, literally for about 2 days; no phone, no internet, no social. Just complete pure human interaction and feeling life. And that’s always refreshing. Camping anyone?

How do you disconnect from the world? Leave me a comment.

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