I feel like a blogging virgin. All this blogging stuff feels new to me all over again. Even though I’ve been blogging for a few years, the last 18 days so far have been an eye opener. 

Coming into October I was a bit lost for direction when it came to topics, trying to find my true narrative after months of hardcore reflection. Each of the last 18 days has allowed me to explore different topics which have attracted different volumes of visitors. 

Interestingly, the posts that have no real structure and are more like journal posts, tending to get more views than those which I would have thought should otherwise, perform better. For example, this long form post that took me hours to write literally laid out the main steps I took to start a photography business from scratch did reasonably ok. Marginally it didn’t do as strong as yesterday’s post where I openly gave reasons why I actually blog in the first place. I’m fascinated by that. I’ve always felt my content should be systemised and structured but as I look back over my posts – those that tell of human emotion, personal views and beliefs tend to do better. A lesson I will take with me as I continue to blog.

So in a nutshell my blog this month is not surprinsgly picking back up momentum. I’ve had record blog posts likes, albeit very average compared to many other established blogs but with that said, as I may have eluded to yesterday, it’s more about depth than quantity. Note also that I’m blogging every single day and if I’ve learned something it’s keeping consistent that is both most difficult for the majority of people but at the same time has the potential for the greatest upside. 

There have been a number of days in this #300wordsaday monthly journey where I’ve felt challenged to skip a day, mainly because my days are full on with work and by midnight I’m almost out of steam to write which is ironically when I actually want to write since I’m a night owl. But I haven’t quit. Each day I’ve delivered and that feels very rewarding. I am really looking forward to keeping this daily post a thing. It’s great reflection and has centred my thoughts a lot this month. Here’s to me staying on course to blog daily. 

So today is a reflection. Take home message — if you’re just starting out, keep at it. The journey can be long but definitely one worth riding. And it also has lots of hidden lessons along the way if you are attuned to them and yourself. 


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