I actually searched in google the other day “why people blog” and came across a number of posts from people who not surprisingly had large followings whom gave long lists of reasons why blogging is good. But I didn’t find much from those just starting out, you know, the average parent for example who blogs, loves to write or feels a creative spark inside.


  • I’ve been blogging since March 2014.
  • I have just under 100 followers on my blog.
  • A combined ~2000 followers on my other social media channels.
  • I get a few thousand views per year on my blog.
  • I love blogging.
  • I’ve written over 100 blog posts and by my guess probably close to 100,000 words.

For many these numbers are small. But to me I know there are a few people that read often and I’m grateful for them. So I keep going. I’m also confident one day my reach will grow. But for now I’m happy with whoever that one person is reading this right now. I will look back on this post and to those that are starting out, or have been at it for years I will be able to speak from some humble experience – everyone starts somewhere. This is my somewhere. This phase of my blogging is called “the grind”. The “overnight” of my success I guess.

Why I blog…

Because it feels good. It gives me the opportunity to put in writing the things that flow through my mind. I’ve often been described by those close to me as “intense”. And I gladly agree. My views are strong. Often linked to higher values and morals and can be very subjective, albeit linked to fact, although not at first apparent. I link my thoughts to multiple things at once and everything to me is linked in some way. I tend to write about things I’m very passionate and generally have personal experience in. I value genuine. I respect experience. So in that frame I only talk about things I know. I have extremes of emotion on either end of the scale – my passion is strong when it’s strong, and when I’m frustrated, I’m pretty frustrated. But I use all emotion practically and all emotion to me, serves a purpose. I channel my feelings well and I very self aware of every experience I have. I’m not vain but I’d be lying if I didn’t desire fame. I yearn to make my mark in this world and leave a legacy. I believe blogging has the power to pave the way for this.

Ultimately I do all I do for two reasons;

  • I like helping people. Particularly people I love. And I love a persons soul relatively quickly when I sense their truth and intent. And those that come from the bottom, through hard work and persistence, I respect. Greatly.
  • I love life. We only get one chance at it and I strive to find my truth. My reason I chose to come to the physical world. A calling lies inside and I chip away each day to find, live out and fulfil that truth. For happiness. For love. To instil in people, some form of joy, however that is defined to them.

Are you a creative? An artist? Writer? Blogger? Or just a parent that enjoys writing? I’d love to hear from you. What do you enjoy writing about or creating?

If you’ve read this far and have seen or felt some of this truth shine through my post, then I’ve succeeded today in my goal. And I will start again tomorrow.


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