Over dinner this evening my wife and I discussed what it would be like to pack up and move to another country, to explore the world, to give our children an insight into the big world we live in, to create opportunities for our lives outside the environment with which we currently reside. 

Once I get a taste for something I really start to explore the idea so I have no doubt this will play in my mind for some time now. 

The biggest factor that would hold me back – being away from my sisters, parents and our “Siladji Crew”. We are all so close. 

I’m in a position where my skills set is valuable in other countries so I know I will be able to deploy them elsewhere – I’d be interested to see where I could take them. Australia is a phenomenally expensive place to live and the rate of expense grows faster than that which the average Australian can strategically accomodate for change. I’m tempted by the idea of being able to utilise my financial resilience in a country where the value per dollar is higher. 

I think the environment people live in can create stagnation and often extremes changes of environment can be a catalyst for good – if people are daring enough to take the leap. It’s in that context that I respect those people that are brave enough make such a change. With that said the dynamics and logistics of such a change are impactful on everyone and have to be weighed out. 

Curious thoughts. Lots of questions. Interesting ones. 

I’m curious to hear your experience living in a new country with a young family? Insights?

Ivan Siladji. 

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