This week my Outlook was hotter than a scene from 50 Shades of Grey – close to 500 email transactions across my inbox and outbox, it was on fire!

Blog posts each day;

Monday 10th – What actually terrifies me in life, my biggest fears!

Tuesday 11th – kicked off the week strong, but I forgot what day it was.

Wednesday 12 – a quote to keep you going when s%!t just gets tough.

Thursday 13 – how does one find their hustle sweet spot? 

I’ve never blogged this many days in a row. I’m really building some memoentum now and enjoying the final offical written session for the day considering I tend to do this close to midnight time. 

I’ve been on Snapchat a bit more. Slowly getting back into it. I dived so much into work the last few months I didn’t document anything – just did the hustle. I’m enjoying the brag a bit now <insert laugh>. 

To wrap up a big week I setup my telescope in the yard, got a stool and showed the kids some magic in the sky. And it was special. I got my first glimps of Saturn and her rings. It was like a first kiss. Kinda. Ok, not quite but still epic. 

It may not look like much as it was captured with my iPhone in the lens but considering it’s distance away, alone out their amongst the dark matter of the universe… pretty wicked. 

And for something a little more, finished.. I got this one of the moon to add to my gram collection… 

And with that I hit the sack to regenerate after what was unquestionably a massive work week. And humbly I feel grateful and calm while ending the day. 


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