It’s one thing to work hard. To put in the hours. To stay up late. To get up early. To do the overtime. To take on the extra projects. To do multiple jobs. To run a family. But like everything, too much of something can have its downside. 

Short term the downside might be perceived to be of benefit but long term the only true upside is knowing yourself, your body and your sweet spot. Keep in mind the context of sweet spot is hustle, or as our older generation called it, worth ethic.  

How do you truly find that sweet spot? That spot where you can keep a constant and productive pace of hustle? To be honest I’m not entirely sure. But my gut tells me it has to do with three things, three things which I myself am concious about each day and the results I get tend to have a proportional relationship to how closely aligned I am to the following;

  1. Sleep. I believe everyone genetically has a sweet spot for sleep. I think it changes over the years, although not likely by much. Some people need 8, 9, 10+ hours of sleep each day. Now although the thought of having that much sleep each and every day suffocates me, I can appreciate some people need it. I typically function well on somewhere between 6.5 hrs if it’s quality sleep, or 2  of my bodies own complete quality sleep cycles. Finding your optimum room temperature and room darkness will be a big variable in this, in addition to diet. I did polyphasic sleeping for a few years when I worked night shift work sometime ago but physiologically it took its toll. But some people claim it’s great. None-the-less quality sleep, whatever your number is important. At least once a week I will catch up with a longer stretch to bank additional Z’s but don’t make it a daily habit.  
  2. Nutrition. I’ve been experimenting with my diet for a while now. I was once a solid carnivore and got great results agaianst my efforts in life. But the physical side effects were not ideal. I have been alkalarian and have never felt more cleaner, energetic and energised in my life. I have been modern vegan and avoided a full years worth of infections and illness but found my body craved sugar. So I believe personally somewhere in between a predominately or totally animal free diet bound by a concious intake of greener foods, vegetables and fruits with reduced refined carbohydrates probably lies the answer for me. Your own experimentation and self awareness on the results will be crucial in the finding of your own sweet spot. 
  3. Purpose, vision and goals. It might sound cliché but hear me out on this particular one. Not having a clear cut end goal linked to a purpose and macro scale vision will be the biggest drag on your hustle. Without a goal, purpose and vision you will find very little motivation to get out of bed in the morning at the sweet spot of optimum sleep duration. Without a clear goal and vision of how your life should look you will have difficulty eating the right foods to fuel the very vehicle to take you along the journey. Being clear about your goals, visions and purpose and being absolutely intentional in everything you do will be a huge catalyst in your success. Start somewhere and be clear about the end goal. Once you achieve it then realign, reassess, get clear again, set another path and proceed to repeat to process. It’s hard work but the only proven strategy in my opinion. 

In my experience these have helped me achieve the small but significant accomplishments in my life so far and I continue to practise them. Sometimes it will be a challenge to tick off all three at once but like anything it takes practise. The more you do it the more consistent you get. 

I truly hope these tips assist you in some way, shape or form. Let me know what you thought about this post or share it with someone who you think would really benefit from reading this.

Ivan Siladji

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