I’m passing midnight and I don’t want to leave day 12 without adding some value for you on this 30 day blogging journey. It’s going to be short and probably more like #lessthan300wordsaday.

Years ago I came up with a quote, a few in fact, around the time I was developing Neuro-Combatives™, so it was mid teens in the early days and I was strangely philosophical for a young dude. Abnormally. Like an anamoly. So today I want to share a few, without expressing them further, for you to ponder on. And the one that feels right… go with that. 

We are where we are today as a result of yesterday. Where we will be tomorrow is determined by today.

All that was, is, and all that is, will be. 

This is simply a continuation of a creation that has no end. 

If anybody else can do it, then so can I. And if anybody else hasn’t then I will become the anybody else. 

There is a general theme around creation, self confidence and a dependent continuity tying everything we do. 

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