A Snapchat extract from this week – warning – some language ;)

Wait… what day is it? I thought it was Monday, I just realised it’s Tuesday (well at least here in Sydney it is) and in 61mins it will be Wednesday — week is going quick. 

I just finished 2 hours of late night hustle writing more sales copy and producing marketing material for our Realty Company – then I realised I have my own blog post to write until which point my brain decided to nose dive into a black hole. 

I was hoping to write a solid post outlining legit practical advice for starting a small business, in particular a photography business. Why? It came about after I was engaging with some of the #VaynerNation over at garyvaynerchuk.com. I offered some advice and subsequently received a number of messages in my inbox from different entrepreneurs requesting advice about starting a successful photography business, particularly around generating bookings primarily via Facebook (or social media in general for that matter I guess). But my over ambition means I want to write something with a generous amount of value and practical advise so I will hold that post just a tad so I can invest the right amount of time to do it well – ideally without making anyone wait for valueable advice. So if you’re a photographer looking to start or grow your business keep an eye out here for that post or better yet subscribe to my VIP list here to keep in my loop. 

On the “kicking off the week strong” title, it was no carrot for a click, this week has seriously started strong. No room for a slow pace; I’ve been getting in solid work, pushing out daily blog posts, writing sales copy, back on snapchat documenting my days (even got my wife on snapchat finally), attending meetings, spending time with family and trying to fit in 5-6hrs of sleep somewhere in there. I’m hoping to catch up with one of my best friends later this week for coffee and dinner which will be refreshing – I’m learning more its important amongst all the hustle to still make time for friends. 

Oh yeah – yesterday I went deep with a post about the three fears that paralyse me – I’d appreciate if you checked it out, interesting to see if people share the same fears. 

So that’s a wrap. Hope your week kicks of solid! I better go because my iPhone is about to melt from overheating, I think I’ve worked it too hard :)


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