For todays post on this 30 day blogging journey (technically 31 for October) I wanted to selflessly say thank you. I feel I might have at least 1 regular reader here (hopefully lol) so to you, I’m grateful. I respect your time and if you’ve given a few minutes of it to me to read, watch or look at any piece of content I’ve made… I’m truly thankful. 

For 2.5 years I’ve been blogging – pushing out some 100 posts. I love blogging. It frees me and expands me at the same time. I feel connected to the rest of the world through my thumbs as I write and picture someone, somewhere in the world reading my words and finding some piece of value. 

I hope I can leave a lasting legacy in this world someday far from now, as I’m sure everyone truly does. And I humbly also believe I’m good enough to do really well at this blogging thing. 

I heard a quote recently by Gary Vaynerchuk that really jelled with me and gives me the push to keep going. It went something like this;

You’re one piece of content away from having your life changing. 

From a bit of additional research I heard him put it like this;

You’re one piece of content away from what you want to happen happening. 

These words really reasonate with me. And it’s with that resonating feeling that I press on. Doing what I enjoy doing until my one piece of content goes out and the gears change. 

Until that time – this is for you. Thank you. I’m humbled. Grateful. Appreciative. And warmed – hoping I’ve done some good, somewhere, for someone. This is day 9, October 2016. 


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