It seems the harder you work the more decisions you have to make. It then follows that the more decisions you must make the more people you are likely to p!&s off. 

This really comes about when you are presented with the challenge of innovating and rolling out change. Most people like stability – for the most part it is important so you know where you are and where you are going.

So how do you go about chipping away at an end vision that you know in your heart will serve the greater good knowing some people will inevitably be unhappy about your actions?

Macro approach. I always look to the bigger picture. I really think you have to. In my opinion and experience those that get too caught up in the minor details inevitably come to a grinding halt or at least loose track of their direction very quick. 

The small issues that arise – you will forget in 6-12 months. And in years to come you won’t even remember most of the worst of them when you truly focus on your goals on the macro scale. This belief system allows you to make calls on harder decisions a lot easier and deploy change with less internal resistance. 

Humbleness. Nobody likes a d*%k. There is a fine line between confidence and just being a d*%k. A little bit of cockiness when balanced with confidence is ok but tip too much to the right and the world will notice. But humbleness — it always wins long term. 

Try coming from a place of humbleness. This is where you will find the win-win-win or you-me-us model and it plays itself out with great results. 

Confidence. People gravitate to those who are humble but also confident. If you rise to the challenge, step up when there is doubt around, are willing to grind it out and lead by example even when you’re unsure – people will respect those traits and gravitate towards you. It often also means greater responsibility and finding out more people rely on you but if you feel in your gut you have an inclination to lead then let that character shine. 

Like anything these characteristics will come naturally for many and not so for others. If you are the latter then they can be developed somewhat with practise. If you wake each day and are centred by the above – your one of a few that can potentially lead people well – use these gifts for good. 


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