This week has been a big one — I started this #300wordsaday challenge and I began studying a new online course by Alex Beadon which by the way you should check out at Although it was a shorter week here in Australia due to Labour Day I had it cut even shorter staying at home looking after my sick little boy (he’s better now gladly) which meant I crammed in a weeks work in 2 days. I spent a night on the side hustle writing sales copy and organising marketing for a new property for my Fathers Realty Company which as you know I manage the marketing for and now I’ve just come home from our traditional “Siladji Friday Night Dinner” and I’m about spent. 

So all in all this week was a solid one and I’d also say quite productive having blogged every single day this week too. Win!

This weeks favourites;

  • My favourite podcast episode this week was Gary Vaynerchuk’s MastermindTalks Keynote 2016 – it’s mature and speaks solid truth. You should totally check it

  • My current Apple Watch face – went with multi-colour and the daily reminder to blog helped me keep on track. 

  • Most used productivity tool (besides my all time number 1 Evernote) is Asana. I subscribed to Asana about a year ago but never acted on it. A colleague of mine bought it up recently so I jumped back on — haven’t looked back, productivity, psshhttt, through the roof! I really have to blog just about that in and of itself. 

  • Top 3 tracks –
  1. Crash – Usher
  2. Purple Lamborghini – Skrillex & Rick Ross
  3. Still Falling For You – Ellie Goulding
  • Current wallpaper –

Are any of these your favourites right now? And recommendations for me to try in any of these categories for next week? Leave me a comment, I’d really appreciate it. 

Much love. 


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