For the first time in nearly a week I’ve been somewhat challenged to find a topic to blog about – I think the creativity juices are not flowing strongly today. Then again today was an epicly productive day not to mention quite full on so I’d be lying if I said laying here at 11:30pm isn’t a slight challenge in the context of trying to come up with a blog post idea. 

Aiming to punch out #300wordsaday isn’t a challenge as such — doing it each and every day is the challenge. 

There in lied the solution to my predicament. Opening my WordPress app and typing a title in light of uncertainty was the theme of this post. To persist even when you’re not energised to do so sometimes has its advantages. And today I’m feeling the importance of that.

I’ve written before about acting on inspiration and realising it’s ok to accept the need to go with the flow when inspiration arises which inversely would argue that it’s ok to step back when inspiration is lacking. It comes down to self awareness. I tend to press on more often than not – I truly believe it’s how I’ve grown to be who I am over the years, particularly having been told I would probably fail. There are much tougher things in life than being short of an idea.

So In my natural desire to add value I wanted to leave you with this lesson —

Life has its challenges. It throws its curve balls. It gets in the way just when you think think things are going well at which point it punches you in the f#%king mouth. But giving up will bring you one thing for certain – nothing but pain and regret. Problem is you can’t turn back time so take a hit and move on through the day. Short term you might be challenged, sometimes a lot, but long term if you hold true to your vision and goals, there is a solid chance you will come out on top. So keep going. Just one more day. And tomorrow, do the same thing all over again. 


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